Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As the Crow Files

Media: Printmaking; intaglio,lithography, relief, monoprint, serigraphy

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutizi Gallery, CSULB School of Art

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

About the Artist:

This is Nancy’s final semester at CSULB. She is completing the printmaking program. She loves all different types of printmaking and enjoys using different styles to complete her work. She was first intrigued by printing making when she took a class on the history of printmaking> Nancy is also a programer. Who loves her dog and music. Her work is inspired by grief that she has experienced throughout her life.

Formal Analysis:

Nancy uses many methods of printmaking to create her work. One of the main reasons she was interested in printmaking is because of how many ways the artwork could be created. All of her work is very detailed. Many have very small lines that were able to create a bigger more intense picture. Most of her pieces are black and white expect for small pops of yellow and red she uses to draw your attention to the crow.

Content Analysis:

The exhibit was based around the grief and loss Nancy has experienced in her life. The loss of her husband has been her main inspiration. She is also inspired by graduating this semester. It has not been an easy educational path for her. She had been kicked out of school after being put on academic probation. At the time she was struggling with bipolar disorder and substance abuse.


This artist really saw and brought light to all the struggles in life. The accepted the fact that we have high and low points in our lives and that you can blossom from them. I am currently struggling in trying to be an adult but also a college student at the same time. Having a full time job, going to full school time, being a VP in my sorority, and till trying to keep my sanity it such a struggle I am facing. Anything I give up I would be unhappy. But I know at the end I am going to be so happy.