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May 2016

The Broad- Extra Credit

I went visited The Broad with one of my good friends, Fillip. During our visit, we decided to mainly focus on Takashi Murakami’s art pieces. Vivid with bright colors and images, his artwork stood out to us in comparison to other pieces The Broad had on display. The two pieces were  In the Land of the Dead, Stepping on the Tail of a Rainbow and Dob in the Strange Forest. Upon research, we found that The Broad has collected eleven of his pieces, but only four of them are on display at a time – meaning they get switched out regularly.

The first of the pieces I  are analyzed was In the Land of the Dead, Stepping on the Tail of a Rainbow. This piece was extremely large lining completely covering two sides of a large room. The total length of the 5 canvases put together is 82 feet long, and roughly 10 feet tall. This piece is extremely graphic and colorful. Massive cartoon images of Japanese royalty, mythical snake head human creatures, oversized chickens, oversized elephants, poverty-stricken toddlers, and ocean waves fill the spaces of the canvas. At first glance, this piece seems to represent a happy, psychedelic scene from the mind of someone on some sort of drug; however, after closer inspection, the images in this piece seem to represent a catastrophe. Starting from one end of the canvases is the image of a mythical creature seeming to force a massive ocean wave to crash down over the town – wreaking havoc on the town. Directly next the crash is a mesh of patterns and colors, not necessarily clearly representing any object in particular, but more so a mixture of images of objects squished into one. This mixture of images represents how the ocean crash ruined the objects it crashed into. The rest of the ocean wave has very clear stripes of colors running along, whereas this jumble of colors has blurred lines and images and lots of brown color – showing how what once was sharp and colorful is now ruined to be brown and blurred. Further beside this wave crash, images of Japanese royalty along with their oversized chicken stand on little islands, safe from the effects of the ocean crash. Their expressions appear guilty as if they are responsible for the harm of the crash. Perhaps to represent how Takashi Murakami feels about the the Japanese royalty in real life and their negligence to fix what is harming their people.

Before going to The Broad we had never heard of Takashi Murakami and had never seen any of his lively works. It is clear to see that the artist is heavily influenced by his Japanese background and makes Japanese culture come to life in his works. Despite the bright color and playful animation, his pieces still portray deep messages that are meant to evoke emotion from the viewer.



Wk 15- Classmate Conversation

This week I talked to Jayson. He is a Kin major and in his second year. He currently lives at home in Buena Park, California. He loves this class because of all the new friends he has made. The best part go Long Beach for him is his ability to do a lot of fun things around town. If he ended up on a island alone he would bring his phone, a knife, and water container. His favorite childhood memory is going to his Raider’s football game. I had the pleasure to teach the class with Jayson and he is a such a cool sweet guy!


Wk 15- Artist Conversation

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As the Crow Files

Media: Printmaking; intaglio,lithography, relief, monoprint, serigraphy

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutizi Gallery, CSULB School of Art

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

About the Artist:

This is Nancy’s final semester at CSULB. She is completing the printmaking program. She loves all different types of printmaking and enjoys using different styles to complete her work. She was first intrigued by printing making when she took a class on the history of printmaking> Nancy is also a programer. Who loves her dog and music. Her work is inspired by grief that she has experienced throughout her life.

Formal Analysis:

Nancy uses many methods of printmaking to create her work. One of the main reasons she was interested in printmaking is because of how many ways the artwork could be created. All of her work is very detailed. Many have very small lines that were able to create a bigger more intense picture. Most of her pieces are black and white expect for small pops of yellow and red she uses to draw your attention to the crow.

Content Analysis:

The exhibit was based around the grief and loss Nancy has experienced in her life. The loss of her husband has been her main inspiration. She is also inspired by graduating this semester. It has not been an easy educational path for her. She had been kicked out of school after being put on academic probation. At the time she was struggling with bipolar disorder and substance abuse.


This artist really saw and brought light to all the struggles in life. The accepted the fact that we have high and low points in our lives and that you can blossom from them. I am currently struggling in trying to be an adult but also a college student at the same time. Having a full time job, going to full school time, being a VP in my sorority, and till trying to keep my sanity it such a struggle I am facing. Anything I give up I would be unhappy. But I know at the end I am going to be so happy.




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