Artist: Ihab Ali

Exhibition: Eyewitness

Media: dry wall, car, burlap, black sheeting

Gallery:CSULB School of Art, Murilyn Werby Gallery

Website:no website


About the Artist:

Eleven years ago Ihab Ali moved to the United States from Damascus, Syria at the age of 14. He has his BFA in ceramics and works as a ceramics artist. His free time is spent making art and inside his studio. Our class struggled to get Ali to answer some of the funnier questions but we did learn his favorite pizza is one with pineapples. His life is based about his art.

Formal Analysis:

The exhibit was dark and seemed as though it would be a hiding place or underground. It was a little bit creepy, but all represented times or memories from his homeland. They all had a very negative and unhappy feel to them.

Content Analysis:

We learned that while creating these pieces of art, he constantly had flashbacks of what is was like living in Syria for the first 14 years of his life. When asked to describe his art work he replied with, “It is a theatrical piece of reality that portrays poverty, destruction, and abandonment.” He mixed his own memories with was was portrayed over media and TV. He wanted to express to people what times were really like living in Syria and show people everything they had not seen before.


Ihab artwork to me was depressing. It reminded me of how much is going on in the world that is unseen. So many people are going through unknown struggles. My favorite thing to do when I meet someone or have one on one time with them is find out their story. I think he is expressing his story through his artwork and I really enjoyed it.