The first thing I think of when I hear car package is a sad mom sending her child that she misses more than they miss her a package to their college dorm filled with all their favorite goodies. This week as I went to pack my care package I tired to fill it with goodies I hoped to share with my random classmate. Although he was a boy who does not enjoy a good scented soap. I included a hot wheel that my cousin gave me and a Long Beach shot glass. GO BEACH!

When I send people a snapchat i directly send it them because I think they will enjoy it just as you think someone with enjoy a car package. The difference to me is the time and effort it takes to make a care package. You can send a snap in less than 30 seconds but you can’t even get to post office to mail the dang package in less than 30 seconds. I think sending things through the mail will eventually phase out or only one day shipping will offered. People are becoming more and more impatience and want things as they see them. Amazon is starting the trend with this in same day delivery. IMG_1819