Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibit: Succession

Media: Digital Prints & Print Making

Website & Instagam: N/A

About the Artist: Jennifer Chen is in the graduate print making program and her last semester here at CSULB. Jennifer originally studied and completed her undergrad in biology. After she graduates this year she plans to be able to teach a class at Long Beach. Her work merges science and art together. Succession  shows a upset in a landscape and how the earth will change over time.

Formal Analysis:

Jennifer uses printmaking and digital art to create her work. She adds a top gloss to give it a 3D affect. Jennifer also expressed that she will sometimes use photoshop to create a stencil. The dimension to the work makes you feel intrigued. She also using very bright colors in her work which are welcoming and exciting.

Content Analysis:

Jennifer created this exhibit on the idea of succession and how nature, people, or really anything do not stay the same. With time everything changed and new things are created or destroyed. Her work included not only nature but also historic areas and monuments.


Over all I really enjoyed her work. I think it is an interesting ides to mix science with art. I also love the idea how things change over time. It is like she is creating a timeline for people to look back on and see what was before or after. I have changed so much since I came to college and I wish I could have documented all the changes that have occurred.