Artist:Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition:Silent Screams

Media:pastels, oil paint, prints

Gallery:CSULB School Of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Instagram:no instagram

About the Artist:

Helen Werner Cox is currently in the last semester of completing her MFA in the drawing and painting, figurative tract program of the CSULB School of Art. This show was a project she had to do to complete her masters. She grew up in Ithaca, New York and moved to Boston when she was 18 to go to Boston University. Before coming to Long Beach she was a middle school and high school teacher for over 30 years. For the beginning of her career she resided in Boston teaching high school art. She than moved to California and decided to give middle schools a chance. She moved to California because she was exhausted of the snow and rain. One day at the school she was teaching at the librarian retried and she decided to apply for the position. She then was a librarian in North Long Beach for 14 years, she loved that job. Outside of art she enjoys gardening in her garden and reading.

Formal Analysis:

Helen using oil paint, and pastels to create her work. The uses line work to create her images. She shades with different colors to give the work more details. Many bright colors are used like green, blue, orange, and yellow. The work looks very realistic and there are no abstract characteristics about it.

Content Analysis:

Helen was intrigued with the idea of carousels and how they model our society. She originally wanted to add people to her carousels because she believes as we get older we become stuck in our patterns and go round and round doing the same thing. She decide to switch to horses because they were a major part of society and now are almost obsolete to what they were originally used for.


This exhibit I believe was the most fun to look at it reminded you of your childhood but also how hectic and repetitive our lives seem to become. The bright colors and vivd pictures drew me in and i found myself staring for a few minuets at each one. I really enjoyed her work. As I go through my daily routine it kinda reminded me to slow down and breathe. Also to do something for myself every once in awhile we aren’t here for long so you might as well make every minuet worth it.