Instagram is a social media app that I probably use the most. I am constantly debating if my pictures are Instagram worthy or should tweeted. I decided to make a separate Instagram for this because of how picky I am with my normal Instagram. I think Instagram has become an application where people show people the best and most worthy aspects of their lives. It creates an idea that a person is actually way cooler or better looking than in real life. It has become a place where you create a life for yourself of things that you want people to see you doing. It is almost its own culture. Trying to create and perfect that perfect picture where you go. It makes us have this need to show people what we are doing. This art experience and giant class selfie made me realize how much we care about what our followers and other people think of us. Everyone I know in the class created a separate account us because we didn’t want our followers to see us on a normal day of class posting pictures of what we do on a normal day of live. After this project I realized that my online followers should not be my priority. My priority should be real relationships in my life and how I make those people feel.

Happy Instagraming!