Artist:Sean Joy

Exhibition:All Work All Play

Media:copper and silver(metals)

Gallery:CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

Website:no website

Instagram:personal instagram only, no art instagram

About the Artist:

Sean Joy is finishing up her last semester here at Long Beach State and working towards her degree in the School of Art’s Metal program. This was her first art show at Long Beach. Sean grew up in Los Angeles but has since moved to Long Beach. She loves cats and enjoyed living in the dorms for two years. She stated that she likes to include humor into her work but also play off of her emotions.

Formal Analysis:

Sean’s pieces were very unique and mostly made of some sort of metal. Her pieces were not necessarily useful but more dramatic and there for art purposes. All were in metal tones and some were smooth while others were ruff. She played off basic ideas and took them to a whole new level.

Content Analysis:

Sean creates her own inspiration and believes she can’t just wait to be inspired. She uses a mix of her emotions and humor to create her artwork and loves being able to use metal. She is uses in the moment inspiration and has a large sense of patience for metal work.


I think the art was very different this week and you could see her humorous side in pieces like the one of male body parts. I believe she was inspiring to students in the way that she talked. She talked about how much patience, perseverance, and acceptance were all needed through out her college career.