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The Broad- Extra Credit

I went visited The Broad with one of my good friends, Fillip. During our visit, we decided to mainly focus on Takashi Murakami’s art pieces. Vivid with bright colors and images, his artwork stood out to us in comparison to other pieces The Broad had on display. The two pieces were  In the Land of the Dead, Stepping on the Tail of a Rainbow and Dob in the Strange Forest. Upon research, we found that The Broad has collected eleven of his pieces, but only four of them are on display at a time – meaning they get switched out regularly.

The first of the pieces I  are analyzed was In the Land of the Dead, Stepping on the Tail of a Rainbow. This piece was extremely large lining completely covering two sides of a large room. The total length of the 5 canvases put together is 82 feet long, and roughly 10 feet tall. This piece is extremely graphic and colorful. Massive cartoon images of Japanese royalty, mythical snake head human creatures, oversized chickens, oversized elephants, poverty-stricken toddlers, and ocean waves fill the spaces of the canvas. At first glance, this piece seems to represent a happy, psychedelic scene from the mind of someone on some sort of drug; however, after closer inspection, the images in this piece seem to represent a catastrophe. Starting from one end of the canvases is the image of a mythical creature seeming to force a massive ocean wave to crash down over the town – wreaking havoc on the town. Directly next the crash is a mesh of patterns and colors, not necessarily clearly representing any object in particular, but more so a mixture of images of objects squished into one. This mixture of images represents how the ocean crash ruined the objects it crashed into. The rest of the ocean wave has very clear stripes of colors running along, whereas this jumble of colors has blurred lines and images and lots of brown color – showing how what once was sharp and colorful is now ruined to be brown and blurred. Further beside this wave crash, images of Japanese royalty along with their oversized chicken stand on little islands, safe from the effects of the ocean crash. Their expressions appear guilty as if they are responsible for the harm of the crash. Perhaps to represent how Takashi Murakami feels about the the Japanese royalty in real life and their negligence to fix what is harming their people.

Before going to The Broad we had never heard of Takashi Murakami and had never seen any of his lively works. It is clear to see that the artist is heavily influenced by his Japanese background and makes Japanese culture come to life in his works. Despite the bright color and playful animation, his pieces still portray deep messages that are meant to evoke emotion from the viewer.



Wk 15- Classmate Conversation

This week I talked to Jayson. He is a Kin major and in his second year. He currently lives at home in Buena Park, California. He loves this class because of all the new friends he has made. The best part go Long Beach for him is his ability to do a lot of fun things around town. If he ended up on a island alone he would bring his phone, a knife, and water container. His favorite childhood memory is going to his Raider’s football game. I had the pleasure to teach the class with Jayson and he is a such a cool sweet guy!


Wk 15- Artist Conversation

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As the Crow Files

Media: Printmaking; intaglio,lithography, relief, monoprint, serigraphy

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutizi Gallery, CSULB School of Art

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

About the Artist:

This is Nancy’s final semester at CSULB. She is completing the printmaking program. She loves all different types of printmaking and enjoys using different styles to complete her work. She was first intrigued by printing making when she took a class on the history of printmaking> Nancy is also a programer. Who loves her dog and music. Her work is inspired by grief that she has experienced throughout her life.

Formal Analysis:

Nancy uses many methods of printmaking to create her work. One of the main reasons she was interested in printmaking is because of how many ways the artwork could be created. All of her work is very detailed. Many have very small lines that were able to create a bigger more intense picture. Most of her pieces are black and white expect for small pops of yellow and red she uses to draw your attention to the crow.

Content Analysis:

The exhibit was based around the grief and loss Nancy has experienced in her life. The loss of her husband has been her main inspiration. She is also inspired by graduating this semester. It has not been an easy educational path for her. She had been kicked out of school after being put on academic probation. At the time she was struggling with bipolar disorder and substance abuse.


This artist really saw and brought light to all the struggles in life. The accepted the fact that we have high and low points in our lives and that you can blossom from them. I am currently struggling in trying to be an adult but also a college student at the same time. Having a full time job, going to full school time, being a VP in my sorority, and till trying to keep my sanity it such a struggle I am facing. Anything I give up I would be unhappy. But I know at the end I am going to be so happy.




Wk 13- Art Experience

The first thing I think of when I hear car package is a sad mom sending her child that she misses more than they miss her a package to their college dorm filled with all their favorite goodies. This week as I went to pack my care package I tired to fill it with goodies I hoped to share with my random classmate. Although he was a boy who does not enjoy a good scented soap. I included a hot wheel that my cousin gave me and a Long Beach shot glass. GO BEACH!

When I send people a snapchat i directly send it them because I think they will enjoy it just as you think someone with enjoy a car package. The difference to me is the time and effort it takes to make a care package. You can send a snap in less than 30 seconds but you can’t even get to post office to mail the dang package in less than 30 seconds. I think sending things through the mail will eventually phase out or only one day shipping will offered. People are becoming more and more impatience and want things as they see them. Amazon is starting the trend with this in same day delivery. IMG_1819

Wk 13- Classmate Conversation

This week I had the honor of working with Maddy Braverman to teach the class. Maddy has been very active in the class. I think everyone is that lecture hall knows who she is. The reasons for this is she is actively volunteers and participates and also you showed her blog to the whole class the first week of class. This first time I saw Maddy was when she went through sorority recruitment. Although we did not join the same house we are both still greek. She also spent this last weekend at Coachella and regards it as the best weekend ever. Maddy is very outgoing and I got to know her a little better this week as we taught the class together. She has since followed me on Instagram and added me as a friend on Facebook which means we are real life friends, right? 11002491_926224140730190_2951360804353566992_n

Wk 13-Artist Conversation

Artist: Ihab Ali

Exhibition: Eyewitness

Media: dry wall, car, burlap, black sheeting

Gallery:CSULB School of Art, Murilyn Werby Gallery

Website:no website


About the Artist:

Eleven years ago Ihab Ali moved to the United States from Damascus, Syria at the age of 14. He has his BFA in ceramics and works as a ceramics artist. His free time is spent making art and inside his studio. Our class struggled to get Ali to answer some of the funnier questions but we did learn his favorite pizza is one with pineapples. His life is based about his art.

Formal Analysis:

The exhibit was dark and seemed as though it would be a hiding place or underground. It was a little bit creepy, but all represented times or memories from his homeland. They all had a very negative and unhappy feel to them.

Content Analysis:

We learned that while creating these pieces of art, he constantly had flashbacks of what is was like living in Syria for the first 14 years of his life. When asked to describe his art work he replied with, “It is a theatrical piece of reality that portrays poverty, destruction, and abandonment.” He mixed his own memories with was was portrayed over media and TV. He wanted to express to people what times were really like living in Syria and show people everything they had not seen before.


Ihab artwork to me was depressing. It reminded me of how much is going on in the world that is unseen. So many people are going through unknown struggles. My favorite thing to do when I meet someone or have one on one time with them is find out their story. I think he is expressing his story through his artwork and I really enjoyed it.

Wk 12- Classmate Conversation

I first met Destiny through Annie. Annie is in my sorority and knew Haley who knew Destiny. We have now all became friends and usually hangout on our break after class. As I have gotten to know Destiny better over these past few weeks I learned that she cheers for the CSULB cheer team and is friends with a lot of athletes. She loves to eat, especially Mediterranean food. She enjoys wake boarding in her free time. She absolutely hates when people chew loudly. If we were not in Art 110 together I don’t know if we would have crossed paths in college but now I am very thankful that we did.

Wk 12- Artist Conversation

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibit: Succession

Media: Digital Prints & Print Making

Website & Instagam: N/A

About the Artist: Jennifer Chen is in the graduate print making program and her last semester here at CSULB. Jennifer originally studied and completed her undergrad in biology. After she graduates this year she plans to be able to teach a class at Long Beach. Her work merges science and art together. Succession  shows a upset in a landscape and how the earth will change over time.

Formal Analysis:

Jennifer uses printmaking and digital art to create her work. She adds a top gloss to give it a 3D affect. Jennifer also expressed that she will sometimes use photoshop to create a stencil. The dimension to the work makes you feel intrigued. She also using very bright colors in her work which are welcoming and exciting.

Content Analysis:

Jennifer created this exhibit on the idea of succession and how nature, people, or really anything do not stay the same. With time everything changed and new things are created or destroyed. Her work included not only nature but also historic areas and monuments.


Over all I really enjoyed her work. I think it is an interesting ides to mix science with art. I also love the idea how things change over time. It is like she is creating a timeline for people to look back on and see what was before or after. I have changed so much since I came to college and I wish I could have documented all the changes that have occurred.


Wk 10- Artist Conversation

Artist:Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition:Silent Screams

Media:pastels, oil paint, prints

Gallery:CSULB School Of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Instagram:no instagram

About the Artist:

Helen Werner Cox is currently in the last semester of completing her MFA in the drawing and painting, figurative tract program of the CSULB School of Art. This show was a project she had to do to complete her masters. She grew up in Ithaca, New York and moved to Boston when she was 18 to go to Boston University. Before coming to Long Beach she was a middle school and high school teacher for over 30 years. For the beginning of her career she resided in Boston teaching high school art. She than moved to California and decided to give middle schools a chance. She moved to California because she was exhausted of the snow and rain. One day at the school she was teaching at the librarian retried and she decided to apply for the position. She then was a librarian in North Long Beach for 14 years, she loved that job. Outside of art she enjoys gardening in her garden and reading.

Formal Analysis:

Helen using oil paint, and pastels to create her work. The uses line work to create her images. She shades with different colors to give the work more details. Many bright colors are used like green, blue, orange, and yellow. The work looks very realistic and there are no abstract characteristics about it.

Content Analysis:

Helen was intrigued with the idea of carousels and how they model our society. She originally wanted to add people to her carousels because she believes as we get older we become stuck in our patterns and go round and round doing the same thing. She decide to switch to horses because they were a major part of society and now are almost obsolete to what they were originally used for.


This exhibit I believe was the most fun to look at it reminded you of your childhood but also how hectic and repetitive our lives seem to become. The bright colors and vivd pictures drew me in and i found myself staring for a few minuets at each one. I really enjoyed her work. As I go through my daily routine it kinda reminded me to slow down and breathe. Also to do something for myself every once in awhile we aren’t here for long so you might as well make every minuet worth it.

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